Fair work for everyone

Briefing for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election: our recommendations about work

We believe that all parties should commit to these policy priorities for the 2021 to 2026 session of the Scottish Parliament:

  • Supporting flexible working as a day one right for all jobs. The pandemic shows us how important this is, especially for women – who take on a disproportionate share of care and childcare responsibilities – and disabled people. Flexible workplaces are more agile and resilient.
  • Providing adequate childcare. This will support women’s capacity to undertake paid work, particularly those facing socio-economic disadvantage, while improving gender equality and meeting the needs of children.
  • Increasing diversity in employment. People from ethnic minority groups, disabled people, and women are under-represented at senior levels in workplaces, in certain sectors and apprenticeships, and face significant pay gaps.
  • Work should be safe and secure. As we turn to social and economic recovery, staff must be protected from health risks through safe workplaces, and from precarious work through secure contracts and conditions.
  • Addressing the inequalities of employment faced by some ethnic minority groups. These and other long-standing disadvantages have been further exposed by the pandemic. Parties should commit to acting on the recommendations of our inquiry into the treatment of ethnic minority workers during the coronavirus pandemic and the Scottish Government Expert Reference Group on COVID-19 and Ethnicity.
  • Eradicating harassment, including sexual harassment, at work. Employers must do more to eliminate harassment and power imbalances in the workplace, including effective policies, training and reporting procedures.

Last updated: 05 Nov 2020