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These videos are part of a package of resources for school leaders designed to raise awareness of discrimination related to Afro-textured hair in educational settings.

Schools are encouraged to use these resources to support their efforts in preventing race discrimination and harassment, specifically in relation to designing and reviewing policies and practices related to Afro-textured hair.

1. Preventing hair discrimination in schools

This video is aimed at school leaders, academy trustees and governors. It explains:

  • how hair and hairstyles linked to pupils’ cultural heritage can be part of their racial identity
  • how discrimination and harassment related to hair can happen in school settings
  • the importance of creating awareness of diversity to foster good relations between pupils 
  • the negative impact discrimination and harassment can have on pupils’ mental health.

This video could be used to spark conversations among school leaders, governors and trustees about how to ensure relevant policies and practices are not discriminatory, and safeguard pupils against race discrimination and bullying.  

The video or clips of it may be used during staff training or meetings.

Duration: 03:30 

2. Ruby's story

This video is aimed at school leaders, academy trustees, governors, teachers, teaching assistants and pupils.

It shows a case study of a pupil who challenged her school’s uniform policy in court as indirect discrimination because of race.

Thank you to Kate and Lenny Williams for sharing your family's story.

Duration: 04:50 

Last updated: 27 Oct 2022