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For anyone dealing with trans issues or feeling uncertain about their gender it can be a confusing time, but it shouldn’t have to be lonely.

It is important to talk about your worries and feelings, and there are a number of organisations at national, regional and local level who can offer support. See our list of support organisations, below.

All life is transition: Philippa and Elley's story

Before her transition, Philippa York came fourth in the 1984 Tour de France. Philippa talks with cycling fan Rhyddid and trans activist and journalist Elley West about her transition.

Support organisations

Below is a list of organisations who can give support at national level. They may be able to put you in touch with local support services, if that is what you would prefer.


TranzWiki is a comprehensive directory of the groups campaigning for, supporting or assisting trans and gender non-conforming individuals, including those who are non-binary and non-gender, as well as their families across the UK.

Visit the TranzWiki website (opens in new window)


TransUnite can connect you to an established network of trans support groups in your area. 

Visit the TransUnite website (opens in new window)


Mermaids is a support group for gender variant children, teenagers and their families.

Visit the Mermaids website (opens in new window)

Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline provides information, support and a referral service for the LGBT+ community.

Visit the Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline website (opens in new window)

Scottish Trans Alliance

Scottish Trans Alliance can signpost to local sources of support.

Visit the Scottish Trans Alliance website (opens in new window)

Last updated: 06 Jul 2018