This guide is to help people working for ombudsman schemes decide when and how to apply human rights to their casework. The content has been adapted from the Human Rights Manual, produced by the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman and Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

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    Taking a human rights based approach

    Find out what a human rights based approach is, why it is important in assessing and investigating complaints and access practical tools to help you in your casework.

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    The legal background (Download PDF)

    Understand the system and structure of human rights law, where it comes from, how it operates and what the UK’s obligations are.

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    Quick reference tool

    Check by sector and topic for the human rights that could be relevant to the case you are working on.

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    Guidance for your casework

    Explore the human rights that are most likely to be involved in complaints brought to ombudsman schemes, read the relevant case law, and find out how to approach common issues.

Last updated: 02 Aug 2019