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Our objectives

In 2011 the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales published How fair is Wales? The evidence in this report identifies the greatest inequalities and highlights the specific challenges that face Wales over the next five years. These are:

  • Reducing health inequalities
  • Closing attainment gaps in education and reducing the number of young people who are not in education, employment or training
  • Closing employment and pay gaps
  • Reducing the incidence of bullying and hate crime
  • Widening participation in decision-making

The How fair is Wales? evidence and challenges have assisted public authorities in setting their equality objectives as required by the Public Sector Equality Duty in Wales.

The Commission has summarised public authority equality objectives in four key sectors. These are:

The summary reports for each sector set out the equality objectives. The reports will assist you to see the relationship between the equality objectives and the 'How fair is Wales?' challenges.

If you would like to see the full detail of each public authority's equality objectives please visit their website.

Next steps

We are publishing this information to increase transparency and scrutiny. We hope this will help individuals and organisations to be aware of the priorities in their area and how they can engage with relevant public authorities to improve public services further. We will be monitoring progress.

Last updated: 08 Jul 2016

Further Information

If you think you might have been treated unfairly and want further advice, you can contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service

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Alternatively, you can visit our advice and guidance page.