Welfare, work and pensions: human rights for ombudsman schemes

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Human Rights

Who is this page for?

  • Ombudsman schemes

Which countries is it relevant to?

    • Great Britain

You can search our guide by topic to see how welfare, work and pensions, including social housing and income support, relate to human rights law. Follow the links to get detailed information and case law examples.

Theme Topic Right
benefit payments discrimination protection from discrimination
disputes about right to a fair hearing
emergency right to social security
ownership of right to social security
withdrawal of right to social security
employment communications freedom of expression
discrimination protection from discrimination
dress codes at work freedom of thought, conscience and religion
email and social media private and family life
Gypsies and Travellers’ access to protection from discrimination
health and safety right to health
non-nationals right to protection from discrimination
procedural fairness in grievances right to a fair hearing
reputational damage because of staff activities freedom of expression
restrictions on freedom of expression at work freedom of expression
surveillance at work private and family life
tribunals, procedural fairness of right to a fair hearing
welfare access to right to social security
austerity measures and women protection from discrimination
‘bedroom tax’ protection from discrimination
benefits right to a fair hearing, right to social security
destitution, forced freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, right to social security
discrimination protection from discrimination
eligibility criteria right to social security
eviction, forced adequate standard of living
healthcare, access to right to health
legislation for, adequate right to social security
social housing adequate standard of living
withdrawal of right to social security

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Last updated: 26 Jul 2019