Planning and the environment: human rights for ombudsman schemes

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Human Rights

Who is this page for?

  • Ombudsman schemes

Which countries is it relevant to?

    • Great Britain

Search our guide to find out how planning and environmental issues can engage human rights, and find links to detailed information and case law.

Theme Topic Right
environment environmental protection right to health
industrial hygiene right to health
noise private and family life
pollution private and family life, right to health
planning airports private and family life
decisions affecting health right to health
decisions affecting the home private and family life
developments, major private and family life
discrimination protection from discrimination
Gypsies and Travellers, for adequate standard of living, protection from discrimination
human rights, and consideration of in private and family life
industrial private and family life, right to health
procedural fairness right to a fair hearing
property law right to a fair hearing
social housing, for adequate standard of living

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Last updated: 26 Jul 2019