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About the Commission in Scotland

Find out about our work in Scotland.

Our work in Scotland

At the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland, we work to:

  • eliminate discrimination
  • reduce inequality
  • protect and promote human rights
  • build good relations between people
  • ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate in society

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity.

Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen.

Discrimination and disadvantage are still common across Scotland.

We don’t all have equal chances in life and some forms of discrimination are deep-rooted.

For example:

  • some disabled pupils don’t always have equal access to education or extra-curricular activities at schools
  • a woman may receive less pay than a male colleague who is doing the same work as her 
  • an older person may be overlooked for a job or promotion, even though they may be more experienced than someone younger

Sometimes people make decisions that are unfair or choose to ignore the rights of others even when this is against the law.

This is why we are here.

We aim to help Scotland develop in a way that values the ideals of respect, freedom, equality, dignity and fairness.

These are also the core principles that underpin ‘human rights’ – the basic rights and freedoms that belong to all of us as human beings.

We have a remit not just to protect equality, but to promote equality across what the law describes as the nine protected characteristics

Where we find that discrimination is taking place, or that someone is being treated unfairly because of their identity, we can use our legal powers to make positive change in practices, behaviours and the law. 

We work closely with the Scottish Human Rights Commission, with whom we share our human rights remit in Scotland.  

We work with various stakeholders, including: 

  • the public sector
  • the voluntary sector
  • the private sector
  • the Scottish government
  • equalities organisations
  • individuals

Our work with stakeholders helps create a society in which everyone is given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

You can find out more about what we do on our website. 

More information on specific projects for Scotland can be found on our website.

Last updated: 18 Feb 2019