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  • Adroddiad

    First Published: 01 Oct 2015

    This is the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s five-yearly report on equality and human rights progress in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Adroddiad Ymchwil

    First Published: 22 Nov 2012

    This report looks at patterns of work-life mobility for a number of groups: women, ethnic minorities, those with a disability and older people.

  • Adroddiad

    First Published: 01 Mar 2012

    This review looks at how well Britain is meeting its human rights obligations under the European Convention of Human Rights and our own Human Rights Act.

  • Adroddiad

    First Published: 01 Oct 2010

    Our first report to Parliament on the progress that society is making towards our vision for equality and human rights.

  • Adroddiad Ymchwil

    First Published: 01 Apr 2009

    Mae’r adroddiad hwn yn bwrw golwg ar waith ymchwil ar fylchau cyflog (y gwahaniaeth mewn cyflog cyfartalog ar gyfer grwpiau gwahanol o bobl) o 2000 i 2009. Ei nod yw dod o hyd i unrhyw fylchau mewn data a bwrw golwg ar faterion pwysig lle mae angen mwy o ymchwil.

  • Adroddiad Ymchwil

    First Published: 08 Dec 2008

    Mae’r adroddiad hwn yn bwrw golwg ar fylchau cyflog - y gwahaniaeth ar gyfartaledd yng nghyflog grwpiau gwahanol o bobl - ar draws 6 nodwedd warchodedig: rhyw, ethnigrwydd, crefydd, cyfeiriadedd rhywiol, oed ac anabledd.

  • Adroddiad Ymchwil

    First Published: 01 Oct 2008

    This report examines the availability of data for key equality strands, different levels of geographic classification and the ten equality measurement framework domains.

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