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  • Cyngor a Chanllawiau

    First Published: 19 Oct 2018

    Guidance for disabled people and the organisations that support them, setting out your rights and responsibilities, information and tips on renting from a private landlord or from a letting agency, adapting your home and where to get help.

  • Cyngor a Chanllawiau

    First Published: 13 Apr 2018

    This handbook provides a brief overview of the Equality Act 2010 for advisors in England and Wales.

  • Cyngor a Chanllawiau

    First Published: 13 Apr 2018

    This guide helps you to understand how a court in England and Wales works out how much a successful claim for discrimination is worth.

  • Cyngor a Chanllawiau

    First Published: 23 Feb 2018

    If you’re a legal representative or adviser, why not get in touch if you come across a case we could get involved in.

  • Adroddiad

    First Published: 20 Apr 2017

    Ysgrifennodd y Comisiwn at bob un o 20 clwb pêl droed Uwch Gynghrair Lloegr i ofyn am hygyrchedd eu maes a’r gwasanaethau y maen nhw’n ei ddarparu i gefnogwyr anabl. Ein hasesiad yw’r adroddiad hwn yn seiliedig ar yr wybodaeth a roddon nhw i ni.

  • Cyngor a Chanllawiau

    First Published: 06 Apr 2016

    This technical guidance provides advice for any organisation, public or private, which is providing a service and explains the implications of the age discrimination ban. It provides examples of how the ban works in practice, explains who is protected and sets out what constitutes discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of age.

  • Cod Ymarfer

    First Published: 01 Jan 2011

    This is a a code of practice that covers discrimination in services and public functions as set out in Part 3 of the Act and discrimination by associations.

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