Making changes to your home because of your disability

Cyngor a Chanllawiau

I bwy mae'r dudalen hon?

  • disabled people
  • organisations that support disabled people

Y gwledydd y mae'n berthnasol iddynt?

    • Prydain Fawr

      Prydain Fawr

First published: 19 Oct 2018

This information is for disabled people.

It is about making changes to your home if you need to because of your disability.

When you make changes to your home it is called adapting your home.

This information will help you know what to do. It covers:

  • what the law says
  • how to get small changes and equipment
  • if you need bigger changes
  • before you start
  • where to get help

It is an easy read guide, made to be easier to understand.

Download as PDF