Commission responds to concerns over Investigatory Powers Bill

Cyhoeddwyd: 10 Feb 2016

Commenting in response to the Intelligence Security Committee’s (ISC) report which raises concerns over the lack of protection for people’s privacy in the Investigatory Powers Bill, a spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said:

'This report highlights the constant need to ensure that any interference with the right to privacy must be balanced by having clear safeguards in place to protect people’s freedom. The State has a paramount obligation to protect the security of the country but also has a duty to consider and protect people’s right to privacy and freedom. The ISC’s report echoes concerns we have previously raised about the Investigatory Powers Bill. The challenge is to ensure that the intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies have the capabilities to protect the public, while ensuring those powers also protect their human rights. We are particularly concerned about bulk powers to intercept, and the need to ensure that all surveillance is independently authorised with appropriate safeguards in place. This is why we welcome the ISC’s proposal to review and amend the Bill.'


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