Your rights to fly - step by step guide

Under European law, if you are disabled or have difficulty moving around you can receive assistance when you fly to and from Europe.

This free service, which covers your whole journey, is available not only to people who are permanently or physically disabled but also to anyone who has difficulty moving around, for example because of their disability, age or a temporary injury. Just ask for the right service when you book - from your travel agent or tour operator, airline or airport. This can include helping you to board the plane or finding the most suitable seat on your flight.

This short guide gives you an overview of your rights and explains what you can do to ensure your journey runs smoothly from start to finish.

*You will see the term persons with reduced mobility used at some airlines and airports across Great Britain. This is the legal term used to define airline passengers who find it difficult to move around easily because of factors such as disability or age.

Last Updated: 17 Apr 2014