Prisons and similar

Equality law applies to prisons and to similar institutions, like young offender institutions, just as it does to any other organisation providing services to the public or a section of the public or carrying out public functions.

That means that prisons, prison officers and anyone who is working for a prison must do what equality law says.

The list within the Glossary tells you what this means.

This applies whether you come into contact with a prison and the people working there as a prisoner on remand, awaiting sentence or after sentence, because you are visiting a family member or friend, or in any other way, for example, as a solicitor representing someone during an interview in prison.

If you are a prisoner, regardless of your protected characteristics, you should have the same access as anyone else in the same circumstances to facilities within the prison like jobs, education, library services, exercise and accommodation. This may mean, for example, making reasonable adjustments for you if you are a disabled person. However, the factors that influence whether adjustments are reasonable may include your security level.


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Last Updated: 27 Jan 2015