Theatres and other entertainment venues

Equality law applies to any business that provides goods, facilities or services to members of the public.

This includes a wide range of different businesses and services. Within this it would include lots of different entertainment venues both large and small, such as:

  • theatres
  • cinemas
  • music venues – everything from a large opera house through to a local jazz café
  • comedy clubs, an
  • arts festivals, including music and children’s festivals.

This also applies to places that are not usually used for entertainment but have occasions when members of the public do use them for that purpose. For example, a church which holds lunchtime music recitals or an empty shop which is opened up for an arts festival.

It doesn’t matter whether the service is free, for example, a free concert, or whether it must be paid for – it will still be covered by equality law.

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Last Updated: 09 Feb 2016