Dignity Drive

A simple interactive guide to the Human Rights Act 

Dignity Drive looks at what human rights mean in the context of everyday life, how they affect real people and why they are so important.

In Dignity Drive each of the residents has a story to tell about how the Human Rights Act protects their rights. The number of their home corresponds to the number of the Article of the Human Rights Act. At each home you will find a case study, and real life examples of how human rights can make a difference to ordinary people. Some of the residents have films to show you of what a human rights approach looks like in different organisations.

Watch the promotional video:

Explore Dignity Drive

Dignity Drive

When you're ready, select the image or follow the link to take a virtual walk down Dignity Drive, meet the residents and learn more about human rights.

Dignity Drive was developed as a bilingual resource by the Commission in Wales.

Last Updated: 20 May 2014