Specific challenges from 'How fair is Britain?'

Every three years we are required to report to Parliament on the progress that society is making in relation to equality, human rights and good relations. 'How fair is Britain?' is the report of our first Triennial Review.

‘How fair is Britain?” highlights several challenges which explicitly refer to disabled people:

  • Disabled people are less likely to have confidence in the criminal justice system. Read the Legal and physical security summary.
  • Young disabled people are twice as likely as their non-disabled peers to be caring regularly for other children or adults. Read the Care and support summary.
  • Only eight per cent of boys in England with special educational needs (SEN) who are eligible for free school meals obtain five good GCSEs, including English and Mathematics, compared to 61 per cent of children without SEN.
  • And nearly three-quarters of permanent exclusions in England involve pupils with SEN, while four-fifths of disabled young people in England said they had been bullied. Read the Education summary.

Find out more about 'How fair is Britain?' and browse the online summary edition.

Last Updated: 03 Dec 2010