Transsexual people: your rights at work

Protection for transsexual people at work or in vocational training

The Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) was amended in May 1999 to protect transsexual people against discrimination in employment and vocational training.

Employers must not discriminate on gender reassignment grounds:

  • at the recruitment stage
    this covers the arrangements made for filling a vacancy, and in deciding who should have the job

  • during employment
    this covers equal treatment in promotion, training, transfer, and access to employment related benefits, including pay, and entitles you to a working environment free from harassment on the grounds of gender reassignment
  • when ending your employment
    this covers dismissal and selection for redundancy.

If you want to take forward a case under the Sex Discrimination Act, find out more details in taking a sex discrimination case.

Go to workplace problem solving for information about how to take action at work if you experience discrimination


Last Updated: 30 Dec 2014