Trans issues - getting advice

Advice from our Helpline

Contact our Helpline for  information and advice about your rights. The Commission can:

  • tell you more about your rights, particularly if you think you have grounds for a claim
  • advise you about the steps you can take to resolve your complaint on your own
  • advise you about taking a claim to an employment tribunal or court 
  • in some cases, give legal or financial assistance

The Commission cannot give a legal ruling on a claim of discrimination, only a tribunal or court can do that.

Information and support from specialist trans organisations

The following specialist organisations can all provide more information and, in some cases, support.


a:Gender is the support network for staff in government departments / agencies who have changed or need to change permanently their perceived gender, or who identify as intersex.



Depend is a support network linking friends and families of transsexual people

The Gender Trust

The Gender Trust is a registered charity, which supports all those affected by gender identity issues.

Helpline: 0845 231 0505

Gendered Intelligence

A community interest company who work primarily with young trans people. They run a support/social youth group as well as having a number of resources for trans youth and families.

Website: //

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)

GIRES has provided training, literature, web site content and policy advice for government agencies and private employers in the health, criminal justice, education and other fields. It has also conducted research surveys and scientific symposia funded by major charitable trusts.



Mermaids is a family support group for Children and Teenagers with Gender identity Issues. Their experience includes the practical and legal issues that arise for parents seeking appropriate medical assessment and support for their children, and the developing understanding of how to support children and young people transitioning between gender roles in the school environment.


Press for Change

Press for Change is a political lobbying and educational organisation, which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all trans people in the UK, through legislation and social change.


Scottish Transgender Alliance

The Scottish Transgender Alliance aims to improve the lives and experiences of all transgender people living in Scotland. It provides information to support transgender people in understanding and accessing their human rights, and guidance to service providers and employers on transgender equality issues and good practice in Scotland

Contact form: //

Other relevant agencies


Liberty is an independent, non-governmental organisation working to extend the civil rights of people in Britain.

Advice website:
Liberty Advice Line:0845 123 2307 or 0203 145 0461 

Citizens Advice (CABs) and Law Centres

CABs and Law Centres provide employment advice free of charge and are sometimes able to provide representation at the employment tribunal.

To get advice from the CAB or to find your nearest CAB visit

For Law Centres visit:  or visit for information about you rights.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)

Helpline: 08457 474747

Employment Tribunal Service

Helpline: 08457 959 775

Last Updated: 24 Aug 2009