Regardless of your religion or belief (or lack thereof), you have the same housing rights as everybody else. You also have the right to enjoy your home and property without harassment.

A landlord will only open a laundry room on a Saturday. This suits most of the tenants, who are Christian. However, some tenants are Jewish and Muslim. Saturday is the religious day for followers of the Jewish faith and they are unable to use the laundry when it is open. The landlord’s policy is an example of indirect religious discrimination.

A woman gives evidence at a tribunal against a landlord who had religiously discriminated against another tenant. She finds that after she has given evidence her landlord will no longer let her use the property’s communal gardens. This is an example of victimisation.

A seller instructs an estate agent not to sell her home to Muslims. This is an unlawful instruction to discriminate on grounds of religion. If the estate agent accepted the instruction, the seller and the agent would be liable to legal action for direct discrimination on religious grounds.

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Last Updated: 20 May 2014