Health and social care

Health and social care services should meet the needs of people from all backgrounds. You should not be treated less favourably than anyone else because of your religion or belief, or because you have no religion or belief.

An abortion clinic restricts applications for a job to people who do not have religious beliefs. This is an example of direct religious discrimination.

A patient gives evidence against a doctor at a tribunal where the doctor is responding to allegations of religious discrimination. He now finds that whenever he tries to book an appointment with his GP, the receptionists say that no appointment is available. This is an example of unlawful victimisation.

A nurse repeatedly mocks a patient about the religious clothes worn by his family members when they visit the hospital. When the patient complains, he is told not to worry, as the nurse is only ‘having a laugh’. This is an example of religious harassment.

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Last Updated: 20 May 2014