Can my case be settled out of court?

In general, it is best to try to settle your case before it gets to a full hearing, if you can agree terms that a court or tribunal would consider reasonable in the circumstances.

In practice, a significant proportion of all cases are settled on agreed terms. You may, for example, agree to settle your complaint by accepting a sum of money or an apology instead of going to court or tribunal.

In employment cases, you will automatically be offered the services of ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), to help you to reach a settlement. ACAS is an independent body set up to act as a go-between in disputes. You are under no obligation to accept ACAS's advice, but if you do settle through ACAS, your complaint cannot go to the tribunal and must be withdrawn. ACAS cannot assist with settling county or sheriff court cases, but your adviser or representative should be able to help.

Last Updated: 01 Jul 2009