Disability in education

If you are a disabled pupil or student at school or in higher or further education, or if you are a prospective pupil or student and think you have been discriminated against, you may be able to challenge this under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

It is unlawful for education providers to treat you less favourably for a reason related to your disability or to fail to make reasonable adjustments to prevent you being placed at a substantial disadvantage.

It is against the law for education providers to discriminate against you in the following areas:

  • admissions (including placing requests)
  • the curriculum, teaching and learning and other services which are provided wholly or mainly for students – including school trips and outings, school sports, leisure facilities and school meals, libraries and learning centres, work experience and student accommodation
  •  by excluding you from an education institution or course.

The duty on Post-16 education providers to make reasonable adjustments includes the provision of auxiliary aids and services, and removing or altering physical features.


Last Updated: 29 Jun 2009