Who pays for reasonable adjustments

If something is a reasonable adjustment, your employer must pay for it. The cost of an adjustment can be taken into account in deciding if it is reasonable or not.

However, there is a government scheme called Access to Work which can help you if your health or disability affect your work. They help by giving advice and support. Access to Work can also help with extra costs which would not be reasonable for your employer to pay.

For example

Access to Work might pay towards the cost of getting to work if you cannot use public transport, or for assistance with communication at job interviews.

You may be able to get advice and support from Access to Work if you are:

  • in a paid job, or
  • unemployed and about to start a job, or
  • unemployed and about to start a Work Trial, or
  • self-employed


  • your disability or health condition stops you from being able to do parts of your job.

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Last Updated: 09 Feb 2016