Violence against women campaign – asking for it?

About the campaign

Violence against women is a serious inequality facing women and girls in Wales today. The idea that women ‘ask for it’ is often used by offenders to justify their behaviour. It blames the victim for the crime and not the offender.

Our ‘asking for it? campaign aims to raise awareness of the extent of violence against women, its unacceptability and challenge the attitudes that justify and excuse it. It also aims to increase awareness of where to turn for support.

What are the campaigns key messages?

This campaign sees violence as preventable by challenging attitudes then deems violence against women as acceptable. Therefore, the key messages for this campaign are that:

  • I have a right to wear whatever I want
  • To go wherever I want
  • I have a right to walk home free from fear
  • And I have the rights to live my life free from violence

Why do we need a violence against women campaign?

  • Almost half of all women have experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking
  • Approximately 80,000 women suffer rape and attempted rape every year but only 6.1% of rapes reported to the police lead to the rapist being caught and convicted
  • 34% of Welsh students think a woman is totally or partially responsible for being raped or sexually assaulted if she is drunk.
  • Domestic abuse currently costs UK businesses over £2.7billion a year

What can I do?

Please join our campaign and use the following tools ( found on the right) to make a difference:

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