Digital stories - Not just another statistic

We have four digital stories supporting the launch of the research that tell the real life story of people living in Wales.

In the video clips below individuals speak about the attitudes of family, friends and local communities, and also their experiences with public services.

Story 1: Constance Nzeneu - Asylum seeker

In this clip Constance Nzeneu tells us the reasons she came to Britain seeking asylum. She now lives in Cardiff, volunteering with the CAB and has set up her own charity.

Story 2: David Crepaz Keay - Living with a mental health condition

In this clip David Crepaz Keay tell us of his experiences of mental health and its impact on his work life

Story 3: Isaac Blake - Gypsy Traveller

In this clip Isaac Blake describes what life was like growing up as a Gypsy Traveller in Wales. He talks about the importance of community and attitudes towards that community.

Story 4: Jenny-Anne Bishop - Transgender person

In this clip Jenny-Anne Bishop explains what life was like as a transgender person growing up and living in Wales.  She talks about the difficult experiences she has had with her family as a result of her transition.


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