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No 2 Dignity Drive
Meet Donna Jones who has a daughter in the Territorial Army, she is about to be posted abroad for the first time.

No 3 Dignity Drive
Meet Paul Chen, he is 15 and attends the local Comp. The other kids in his year bully him and call him ‘gay’.

No 4 Dignity Drive
Meet Eileen Cooper who works as a dispatcher for ‘Maxi’s Taxis’. She has noticed that taxis are always sent to an address where they pick up frightened women, who speak no English and have no money, and take them to a warehouse in the docks.

No 5 Dignity Drive
Meet Gita Roy, her 17 year old brother has been treated for mental ill health for some time. Recently he was kept in a psychiatric hospital by two doctors who said that this was in his best interests. Arjun, her brother is not capable of arguing with doctors over his release or his medication which is making him really ill.

No 6 Dignity Drive
Meet Rhys Jones, a very passionate environmental campaigner. He wants to protest about a new by-pass that would go right through the local wetlands! An appeal meeting is advertised to review the by-pass plans and Rhys has been told that he can’t go as he is a known protester.

No 7 Dignity Drive
Meet Jean Parry whose tearaway son, John, is in prison for committing armed robbery. The recent news that the tariff for armed robbery has increased worried her that he’ll have to stay in prison longer than she first thought.

No 8 Dignity Drive
Meet Helen Pritchard, she is transgender. She has just moved to Dignity Drive and wants to change her name on the Council Tax form from her old ‘male’ name.

No 9 Dignity Drive
Meet Adeela Jilani who has just got a new job as a receptionist at the local council-run leisure centre. She is Muslim and has been upset by her boss’s suggestions to wear shorts and a short-sleeved top when on duty.

No 10 Dignity Drive
Meet Peter Whiting, an artist who specialises in gruesome paintings of animals. His next exhibition is to be called “Yuck”. The Community Gallery where his exhibition is to be held has received complaints and is thinking of cancelling his exhibition.

No 11 Dignity Drive
Meet Ritchie Jackson, a Police Officer. He has to police a temporary road closure around the town centre while there is a peaceful march past an art gallery because it is about to stage a controversial exhibition about animals.
No 12 Dignity Drive
Meet Sheila Bevan. Her 17 year old daughter, Emily, has Down’s Syndrome and loves going to the day centre to meet Jack. Jack is slightly older than Emily and also has Down’s Syndrome. Emily wants to marry Jack and have children. Her husband is against this and whilst she has to be seen to agree with him she is thrilled at the idea of becoming a Grandma.

No 14 Dignity Drive
Meet Kathleen James a retired Head Teacher who I lives alone. She is fiercely independent but can’t get out and about as she used to, especially after a recent fall. She would really like an outdoor powered wheelchair but has been told by the hospital that these aren’t provided.

Flat 1A Dignity Drive
Meet Iwan ap Dafydd who has just been told that the benefits office has decided that he does not have the ‘mental capacity’ to handle his pension money. They have decided to pay this to his brother who lives with him.
Flat 1B Dignity Drive
Meet Michael Smith whose son Sam has been permanently excluded from primary school because of “challenging behaviour”. Sam has autism and can be a handful. The pupil referral unit has said he needs to go to a special school, but the Council has shut a few special schools in the area, leaving no more places.

Caravan on Dignity Drive
Meet Jeremiah Lee who lives in a caravan at the end of Dignity Drive for part of the year. For the rest of the year he visits his extended family across Wales. He has been told that he can’t vote at the next election because he has no fixed abode.

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