No 10 Dignity Drive

Peter Whiting

I’m Peter Whiting. I am an artist. I specialise in gruesome paintings of animals. I’ve just announced that my next exhibition is to be called “Yuck”. At the Community Gallery where my exhibition is to be held, the manager told me there have already been some complaints and she’s thinking of cancelling my exhibition!

I talk to my friend Jane who is also an artist. She says she is sure that this means my rights under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act are affected – my freedom of expression.

Article 10 - Freedom of Expression

You have the right to hold opinions and express your views on your own or in a group. This applies even if they are unpopular or disturbing. This right can only be restricted in specified circumstances.

A real example where human rights could have made a difference:

  • A presenter of a radio programme was fired by his employers after he called a local councillor a ‘Nazi’ during a live broadcast.

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