Caravan on Dignity Drive

Jeremiah Lee

I’m Jeremiah Lee and I live in a caravan which for a lot of the year is parked at the end of Dignity Drive, on waste land. For the rest of the year I like to visit my extended family right across Wales. I’ve been told that I can’t vote at the next election because I have no fixed abode.  I am very unhappy, since I have lived on this land all my life – I was born here, before Dignity Drive was even built!

I speak to my local Councillor and she tells me she thinks that this is contrary to my rights under article 3 of the first protocol which says that elections must be fair.

Article 3 of Protocol 1 - Right to Free Elections

Elections for members of the legislative body (e.g. Parliament) must be free and fair and take place by secret ballot. Some qualifications may be imposed on those that are eligible to vote (e.g. a minimum age).

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