Past projects

The Commission in Wales often has ongoing campaigns and interesting features. In this section you can view clips and download documents from a number of our interesting projects and events.

Hidden in plain sight - Wales summary

Our formal inquiry findings reveal that harassment is a common experience for disabled people living in Wales. Last year around 100,000 disabled adults in Wales were victims of crime but we know these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

How fair is Wales?

How fair is Wales? sets the Triennial review in a Wales context, providing independent evidence to measure progress towards equality, good relations and human rights. It offers a new perspective on some persistent inequalities and identifies some new challenges.

Your Business - Workplace policies on domestic abuse and mental health

Our ‘Who do you see? Living together in Wales’research found that prejudices persist towards people with mental health conditions and domestic abuse.  These are two areas that employers in Wales should make their business in order to tackle sickness absence, retain skilled and experienced staff and ensure staff feel safe and supported in the workplace.

2010 Projects

Not just another statistic

This project explores the life experiences of Gypsy Travellers, asylum seekers and refugees, transgender people and people with a mental health condition. You can read the research report, supporting documents and watch digital stories that show the real experiences of people living in Wales.

Dignity Drive

Dignity Drive is designed to look at what human rights mean in the context of everyday life, how they affect real people and why they are therefore so important.  In Dignity Drive each of the residents has a story to tell about how the Human Rights Act protects their rights. The number of their home corresponds to the number of the Article of the Human Rights Act.

At each home you will find a case study, and real life examples of how human rights can make a difference to ordinary people. Some of the residents have films to show you of what a human rights approach looks like in different organisations.

2009 Projects

Violence against women campaign – asking for it?

Violence against women is a serious inequality facing women and girls in Wales today. The idea that women ‘ask for it’ is often used by offenders to justify their behaviour. It blames the victim for the crime and not the offender.

Our ‘asking for it? campaign aims to raise awareness of the extent of violence against women, its unacceptability and challenge the attitudes that justify and excuse it. It also aims to increase awareness of where to turn for support.

Human Rights Conversation

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has held the biggest conversation on human rights Wales has ever seen. Over 200 people of all ages and from all walks of life came together for the event to share their thoughts and opinions on the world around us.

Who Runs Wales? 2009

The Commission's Who Runs Wales? 2009 report looks at ten areas of Welsh life, including politics, health, and the private sector in order to assess the gender balance at decision-making tables in Wales. Taken as a whole, almost no progress has been made in achieving gender balance at Wales's top tables since the 2004 report.

2008 Projects

Human Writes

Everyone loves a good story. That's why we have teamed up with some of Wales' best writers to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who do you see?

How to live with each other and how to live with the planet are the biggest questions of the twenty-first century. This report paints a picture of how we live together in Wales in 2008.

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