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  • Business Plan 2014/15: The new Business Plan sets out a programme of work to tackle entrenched inequalities and protect the human rights of everyone in Britain. Further information is avaliable here
  • St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society Case: The Equality and Human Rights Commission intervened in an appeal by St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society against directions placed upon it by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator. A statement form the Commission is available here.
  • Scottish Gypsy Travellers: On 5 September 2013, the Scottish Parliament debated the Equal Opportunities Committee report on Gypsy/Traveller accommodation.  We are pleased that so many MSPs referred to the points made in the EHRC’s briefing, which can be downloaded here. A report of the debate is available here.  
  • Scottish Government's draft budget: The Commission has provided evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee’s scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2014-15.  The evidence highlights the links between equalities, public service reform and the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework, and uses as a case study our recent research on the Scottish Government’s Modern Apprenticeships scheme to underline the need to balance economic returns with wider social outcomes.   The research demonstrates that insufficient equality proofing of policy will do little to address – and may even exacerbate – existing barriers to employment and training faced by some groups.  For example, only 0.3% of all Modern Apprenticeship placements - 74 out of a total of more than 26,000 –  are taken by someone with a declared disability.  Around 8% of the target population (16-24) is disabled.


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Press Releases 2012

Increase in race incidents in Scotland disappointing, says Commission
12 December 2012
The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland has responded to new crime figures released today by the Police.

Equality and Human Rights Commission appoints new Scotland Director
20 November 2012
The Equality and Human Rights Commission have appointed a new National Director to lead their work in Scotland.  Alastair Pringle takes up his new post on Wednesday 21st November.

Scotland commits to ending harassment of disabled people
23 October 2012
The EHRC has today published their report ‘Out in the Open – a Manifesto for Change’, outlining the actions which agencies in Scotland – government, social care organisations, criminal justice agencies and others – have committed to undertake in order to eliminate the harassment of disabled people.

Are some of Scotland’s poorest people “hard to reach” or simply “easy to ignore”?
3 September 2012
A report by Heriot-Watt University for the Equality and Human Rights Commission has revealed how policies which aim to tackle poverty in the most deprived areas don’t always benefit the poorest people, particularly those in minority communities.

New equality duties for public authorities in Scotland
28 May 2012
- Duties to help councils, health boards and police mitigate negative impact of decisions
The Scottish Government’s new regulations, which place specific equality duties on named public authorities in Scotland, came into force on Sunday 27 May.

Disabled people still disadvantaged in the workplace, says Commission report
17 May 2012
A new report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission has found that, while supporting disabled workers can greatly benefit employers and their organisations, disabled people continue to be put at a disadvantage in the workplace.

Press releases 2011

EHRC launch inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland report: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC Investigating Commissioner
28 November 2011
The Equality and Human Rights Commission will today launch the findings from its Inquiry into human trafficking in Scotland.  Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, acted as Investigating Commissioner for the Inquiry. 

Equality and Human Rights Commission inquiry reveals serious consequences of systemic failure to tackle harassment of disabled people
12 September 2011
Extensive evidence from a groundbreaking inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission shows that many disabled people still experience harassment or abuse as part of everyday life, but that a lack of recognition of the scale and nature of the problem is preventing some public authorities from addressing the issue as effectively they could. 

Equality and Human Rights Commission announce new Scotland Committee members 
12 September 2011
The Equality and Human Rights Commission today announced the appointment of three new members to their Scotland Committee.

Scottish women missing in action: Equality and Human Rights Commission report indicates a lack of women in top jobs
17 August 2011
A new report, published today by the EHRC Scotland, shows a continuing trend of women being passed over for top jobs in Scotland. 

No time for complacency in fight against prejudice warns Commission
11 August 2011
There can be no let up in ensuring Scotland continues to tackle prejudice so that we can live up to our ideals of tolerance and fair play, says the Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland.  The Commission’s comments follow the publication of the 2010 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey report on attitudes to discrimination and positive action, published today (Thursday 11th August).

New Scottish Government called upon to address Equal Marriage for same sex couples
17 March 2011
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland today launched a new report calling for access to equal marriage for same sex couples in Scotland.  The report is a result of a symposium recently held by the Commission to investigate perceived barriers to equal marriage and suggest ways forward for legislators.

Commission in Scotland launches first ever international study on the rehabilitation of hate crime offenders
15 March 2011
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland will today launch the first ever international study into the rehabilitation of hate crime offenders. Despite rising numbers of racist, homophobic and disability related harassment being reported in Scotland, virtually no attention has been paid to what motivates people to commit these crimes  or what can be done to stop them.   This research reviewed previous and existing programmes that to determine what learning can be drawn for future programmes and interventions with offenders.

Equal Marriage – a step closer to becoming a reality ?
27 January 2011
Groups from across Scotland have gathered for a specially convened symposium on Equal Marriage.  As the law stands, same sex couples in the UK can enter into civil partnerships, but marriage is not yet an option.  This event investigated the perceived barriers to equal marriage and sought to produce a roadmap for legislators for how to make equal marriage a reality.                                                                                             

Equality Act consultation on Draft Code of Practice for Schools opens
31 January 2011
There are separate Codes and consultations for Scotland and for England & Wales, the closing date is 22 April. Find full details in the Equality Act section under Legal and Policy.

Press Releases 2010/2009

Commission Launches Landmark Fairness Report: how does Scotland fare?
11 October 2010
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland today published a landmark review bringing together for the first time all available information to answer the question ‘How Fair is Britain?’
The report provides the most accurate picture of daily life for people in Scotland today. Looking across what is necessary for people to live a happy, productive and fulfilled life, it concludes that while the country has made significant progress in terms of tackling discrimination and changing attitudes over the past 30 years, there exists a huge gap between aspiration and achievement.  Old inequalities continue to hold us back while new social and economic fault-lines emerge as we get older and more diverse.

Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland issues guide to spending cuts and warns: act now on fairness to avoid counting the cost
4 October 2010
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has today issued urgent guidance to public bodies, highlighting the need to ensure that equality and fairness are central to the decision making process about cuts in public spending.  The Commission has also published ‘Counting the Cost’, a report which analyses the extent to which Scotland's local authorities have taken into account the race, disability and gender equality duties while making funding decisions. 

Commission welcomes new Equality Act 2010

01 October 2010
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland today called for the Scottish Government to provide urgent national leadership on the current situation as regards Gypsy Traveller accommodation in order to prevent further tension escalating within communities.

Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland issues call for urgent national leadership on Gypsy Traveller accommodation stalemate 
17 September 2010
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland today called for the Scottish Government to provide urgent national leadership on the current situation as regards Gypsy Traveller accommodation in order to prevent further tension escalating within communities.

Equal Pay Tribunal win for Skills Development Scotland Workers: on 40th Anniversary of Equal Pay Act Tribunal finds in favour of women paid £10,000 less a year
15 June 2010
Two female Skills Development Scotland (SDS) employees have won their equal pay Employment Tribunal case.  The case was supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

40 years since the Equal Pay Act and Scotland’s women are still paid less than men
28 May 2010
On the 40th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has told businesses that they need to be proactive and take action to close the pay gap between men and women in their organisations.

Polish students awarded £25,000 in discrimination and unfair dismissal case against fruit picking farm
05 April 2010
Two Polish workers have been awarded a total of £25,000 in an employment tribunal case against a Perthshire fruit picking company. The tribunal found against David Leslie Fruits on the grounds of race discrimination, dismissal for asserting a statutory right and unlawful deductions from wages.

Commission in Scotland welcomes new hate crime laws
24 March 2010
The Commission in Scotland has welcomed new laws coming into force across Scotland today that will directly address how Scotland’s courts deal with the perpetrators of hate crime.  However the Commission has warned that until further action is taken to address the behaviour and rehabilitation of hate crime offenders, we will still have a long way to go before we can call a halt to the harassment and harm that continues to blight the lives of many Scots.

Commission launches major new Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC to lead
9 February 2010
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland will today launch an in-depth Inquiry into human trafficking in Scotland with a particular focus on commercial sexual exploitation.

Landmark agreement for the Independent Living Movement and all disabled people in Scotland
8 December 2009
Today sees the Scottish Government, COSLA and the Convenor of the Independent Living in Scotland Steering Group, Jim Elder Woodward, jointly sign up to a shared vision for independent living in Scotland, at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh. 

Commission to hold Inquiry into harassment of disabled people
3 December 2009
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland today announced that it intends to conduct a Formal Inquiry into disability related harassment and how public authorities are protecting disabled people’s human rights to live free from violence and abuse.

Commission awards £10 Million funding to organisations across Britain
25 November 2009
The Commission today announces the recipients of its Strategic Funding Programme. The programme has awarded nearly £10 million to 61 organisations across England, Scotland and Wales, with Scottish organisations receiving more than three quarters of a million pounds. 

Scotland United Press Statement
13 November 2009
The Commission is pleased to support the aims of Scotland United.  It is important that today we can celebrate the diversity of the people of Scotland and send a clear message to those that wish to divide us.

Commission in Scotland statement on Christopher Miller conviction
10 November 2009
The Commission strongly welcomes this conviction. We have to send out the strongest message, from education campaigns in our classrooms to sentences in our courtrooms: racism and racist hate crime will not be tolerated.

Medical receptionist settles age discrimination case
3 August 2009
Medical receptionist Ruth McNeil has today settled her age discrimination claim against a Medical Practice in Lothian for £6000.

Equality and Human Rights Commission and Scottish Government to work together to deliver better policy for better lives
7 July 2009
The Commission announced today that it is carrying out an assessment into the extent to which the Scottish Government is meeting the public sector equality duties in the development and implementation of its policies and practices with a particular focus on equality impact assessment.

Investing in the future: Commission announces 10 million pound funding programme for voluntary and community sector
15 May 2009
The Commission has announced a new GB-wide 10.2 million pound Strategic Funding Programme, providing three-year project-based funding for community and voluntary sector organisations of up to 450,000 pounds.

Commission in Scotland calls time on consensus that threatens Scotland's future.
13 May 2009
The Commission in Scotland has today issued a warning that the Scotland of 2030 will not be economically or socially fit for purpose unless Scots stop talking a good game on how fair and welcoming we are as a nation and start taking steps to realise our self image.

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