Older Research projects

The Commission in Scotland has produced or commissioned a wide range of research projects to feed into data capture and analysis at a GB level and also to specifically inform our work in Scotland.

Projects with a specific Scotland element include: 


  • Poverty and Inequality in Scotland   PDF | Word
  • Looked after children with additional support needs in Scotland - A scoping study   PDF | Word 
  • Assessing local authorities’ progress in meeting the accommodation needs of Gypsy and Traveller communities in Scotland  PDF
  • 'A strong, fair and inclusive national identity': A viewpoint on the Scottish Government’s Outcome 13; Research report 62   PDF | Word
  • Significant inequalities in Scotland: Identifying significant inequalities and priorities for action; Research report 61  PDF | Word
  • Executive Summary  PDF | Word
  • Building understanding of fairness, equality and good relations in Scotland   PDF
  • Poverty and Inequality in Scotland, December 2009   PDF | Word


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