Projects and campaigns in Scotland

Disability Harassment Inquiry

Our inquiry revealed that hundreds of thousands of disabled people regularly experience violence and bullying, much of which is going unrecognised by public authorities.

Improving Local Equality Data

This is a partnership project that aims to provide practical and specialist support to four councils in developing and using an equality evidence base in order to measure and evaluate progress towards key outcomes. 

Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland

In February 2010 the Commission in Scotland launched an Inquiry into the extent and nature of human trafficking in Scotland, with a particular focus on commercial sexual exploitation.  The report was launched in November 2011.

Sex and Power Scotland 2011

Read our report which looks at the worrying trend of the reversal or stalled progress of women in positions of power and influence across the public and private sector in Scotland. 

Mitigating Action within Scottish public bodies 

The Commission in Scotland has recently commissioned a study looking at the impact Equality Impact Assessments have had in reducing negative impact of policy changes on equality groups. 

Equal Marriage: symposium and report

The Commission in Scotland recently held a specially convened symposium on equal access to marriage. Find out more about the symposium and the subsequent report 'Equal Access to Marriage: Ending the segregation of same-sex couples and transgender people in Scotland'.

Human Rights in Scotland

In Scotland, the Commission shares its Human Rights remit with the Scottish Human Rights Commission, working closely together to promote Human Rights in Scotland. Visit our Human Rights in Scotland page to find more is a flavor of the Human Rights work the Commission is undertaking in Scotland.

Sikh articles of faith guidance

The Commission in Scotland with support from the Scottish Government has developed good practice guidance for employers and service providers on Sikh articles of faith in Scotland.

Counting The Cost

Following the introduction of the Concordat and the removal of ring-fenced funding, the Commission examined the extent to which local authorities in Scotland have considered their public sector duties when making funding decisions. Our report sets out the findings, which have significant implications, particularly given the current economic climate.

Independent Living in Scotland

The Independent Living in Scotland (ILiS) project supports disabled people in Scotland to have their voices heard by decisions makers and service providers, and to strengthen the disabled people's Independent Living Movement in Scotland. It is steered by a group of disabled people.  The project is funded by the Scottish Government and hosted by the Equality & Human Rights Commission in Scotland.

Targeted Crime and Harassment

Evidence suggests that the impact and experience of crime and harassment can be different for different groups of people.  The Commission has undertaken several projects with a focus on targeted crime and harassment.

Scottish Debates Series

The Commission in Scotland is bringing people together to discuss and debate some of the pressing issues facing us in Scotland today. Our Question Time style events join together experts, opinion formers, interested organisations and passionate individuals to consider ways forward on relevant, often contentious, policy areas that impact upon us all.

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