Mitigating Action within Scottish public bodies

Equality Impact Assessment: reducing negative impact of policy changes on equality groups

Following the publication of Counting the Cost in 2010, the EHRC in Scotland commissioned a study to assess the extent to which Scottish public bodies:

(a) have identified a need for mitigation action to be taken as a result of conducting Equality Impact Assessments

(b) can supply evidence that such mitigation action has been put in place and has been successful in addressing the negative impact identified through the Equality Impact Assessment

This report, 'Mitigating Action within Scottish Public Bodies', sought to identify both positive and negative practices. The information we have gathered will be used to assist in developing the Commission’s approach to compliance with the new Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) and inform our advisory work with public bodies.

The study focused on two sectors - Scottish police forces and education authorities.

The full report is now available as a PDF or Word file. 

ONS Consulting and Unify collaborated on delivery of this project.

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