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As a regulator, the Commission bases its decisions on a robust evidence base. We commission qualitative and quantitative research to support projects in our strategic priorities. The research subjects cover our equality, human rights and good relations mandates, and our seven equality strands. Information about our research projects and published findings appear across the site on issue-specific pages.

Research services

Research Mailbox

We welcome specialist internal and external research enquiries on equality issues. If you have any such enquiries, any queries about ongoing Commission research projects or would like to request any hard copies of our research publications, please contact us at Research@equalityhumanrights.com

Please note that we cannot:

  • advise or provide information on procurement issues (but see our procurement pages);
  • answer queries regarding legal issues (but you can contact the Equality Advisory Support Service helpline for this);
  • comment on essays or questionnaires;
  • fund unsolicited research requests; or
  • give advice on dissertations.

Research Database

We are responsible for running the Commission's research database. This is a database of researchers, academics, and policy contacts in the UK and in other countries with an interest in equality issues and currently contains more than 2,300 members. It is used to:

  • maintain an up-to-date list of contacts;
  • store information about individuals' ongoing and recently published research;
  • answer internal and external research inquiries; and
  • send out quarterly newsletters electronically to all database members. These newsletters publicise EHRC ongoing research projects and provide summaries of our latest research publications.

We welcome new entrants to the research database. If you would like to come on to it, please contact us at Research@equalityhumanrights.com for further information about the database and to receive our most recent newsletter.

Religion or Belief Network

In early 2010, we established a Religion or Belief Network for those interested in research on religion or belief issues from an equalities or human rights perspective. The network aims to:

  • promote links and partnerships with people and organisations interested in undertaking research on religion or belief issues
  • facilitate dissemination of information;
  • organise research focused meetings and conferences;
  • facilitate research collaboration;
  • investigate funding for new research; and
  • provide a platform for debate and discussion on critical issues in order to influence policy and change.

We are sending out a bulletin to network members on a regular basis to share information on current issues, and aid us in meeting the aims of the network outlined above. The most recent bulletin was sent out in November 2010 and we anticipate sending out three bulletins in 2011.

We welcome new entrants to the Religion or Belief Network. If you would like to come on to it to receive future bulletins, please contact us at Research@equalityhumanrights.com for further information.

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2015