October 2011

Welcome to the October edition of the Commission's email newsletter, Equality and Human Rights News

Strategic plan

Respond to our consultation

We have launched a 60 day consultation to help us develop our next strategic plan for 2012-15. The plan will cover our goals and priorities and is due to be laid before Parliament in April 2012. The consultation gives everyone the opportunity to comment on our proposed mission and roles, and the key equality and human rights issues going forward. The deadline for responses is 12 December 2011.
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Public Sector Equality Duty

Deadline for public authorities

On 5 April 2011 the public sector equality duty came into force in England, Scotland and Wales, replacing the race, disability and gender equality duties. Public authorities in England (and non- devolved bodies in Scotland and Wales) need to prepare for the deadline of 31 January 2012 to publish information to demonstrate compliance with the general equality duty. Our Essential Guide to the Equality Duty provides advice on this.
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Universal Periodic Review

Participate in the UK human rights exam

In May 2012, the UK Government will be examined for the second time by the United Nations through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). A 'report card' for governments, the UPR reviews the human rights situation in every UN member country and makes recommendations to governments on actions that they need to take. We are engaging extensively in this process to ensure that the UN hears the voices of NGOs on the ground. The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) are holding three events for us on how to report to the UN about human rights.
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Human Rights Review

Share positive examples of human rights uses

Our report to the UN on the human rights situation in the UK will draw heavily on the findings of our Human Rights Review, to be launched on 10 December. Profiling the major areas where human rights are not being respected in the UK, the report brings to life the violations that many people are facing on a daily basis. To bring these cases to light, we are seeking positive examples of how human rights have been used to improve the way public services are managed and delivered.
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More news

Disability Harassment Inquiry

Following the launch of the Inquiry's final report, we have begun to engage with public authorities about our recommendations. Hold the date: on 17 January we will be running an event in Manchester with disabled people's organisations, third sector advice and support organisations and public sector organisations to develop the manifesto for change. In spring 2012 we will publish our manifesto, the expected outcomes, and how we propose to evaluate and regulate the outcomes. Thank you to all who have supported us during the Inquiry. We welcome your feedback on the report by email to communications@equalityhumanrights.com or on Twitter using the hashtag #disbelief
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Equality Act summary guides

We have produced two summary guidance documents on the Equality Act 2010: employment and services, public functions and associations. These guides give an overview of the main features of the Act and are aimed at those with both rights and responsibilities under the law. These summary guides complement our in-depth guidance on the Equality Act.
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Codes and guidance feedback survey

We are seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of our Equality Act Codes of Practice and guidance documents, in order to ensure that future documents we produce are as useful to you as possible. We would therefore be grateful if you could complete the survey and inform the first stage of our evaluation. Please forward this to any colleagues who may also have received our Codes of Practice or guidance documents. Please reply no later than 17 November 2011.
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New Guidance for Care Quality Commission Inspectors

The Commission has joined forces with the Care Quality Commission to produce equality and human rights guidance for care inspectors. The advice is aimed at ensuring people who are most vulnerable to harm have their rights upheld and respected. The new guidance comes as we enter the final phase of our Inquiry into the experiences of older people receiving care at home.
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Reasonable adjustments case decision

In response to the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision in the case of Jane Cordell and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in which the Commission intervened, Mike Smith, Commissioner and Chair of the Disability Committee, said: 'I am concerned that the outcome of this appeal sends the message that disabled people should not expect to get to the top of their profession, if they have significant support needs.'
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Wales news

Domestic abuse is your business

More than 30 key private and public sector organisations from across North Wales came together at a Commission event to discuss action on tackling domestic abuse. The conference encouraged employers to recognise the impact of domestic abuse on the workplace and to put in place effective domestic abuse policies.
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Disability-related harassment conferences

This month we have held conferences in North and South Wales where disabled people and key organisations, such as the Welsh Government, the police, public authorities and transport providers, came together to identify ways of tackling harassment faced by disabled people. The Commission's recent Inquiry found that disability harassment is widespread in Wales and that a culture of disbelief has prevented public authorities from dealing with it effectively.
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