Further sources of information for service providers

General advice and information

Directgov is the UK government's digital service for people in England and Wales. It delivers information and practical advice about public services, bringing them all together in one place.
Website: www.direct.gov.uk

Government Equalities Office (GEO):
The GEO sits within the Home Office and is the Government department responsible for equalities legislation and policy in the UK.
Website: www.equalities.gov.uk
Telephone: 0303 444 0000

Business advice and information

British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)
The BCC is the national body for a network of accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK; each Chamber provides representation, services, information and guidance to its members.
Website: www.britishchambers.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7654 5800
Fax: 020 7654 5819
Email: info@britishchambers.org.uk

British Retail Consortium (BRC):
The BRC is a trade association representing a broad range of retailers. It provides advice and information for its members.
Telephone: 020 7854 8900
Fax: 020 7854 8901
Website: www.brc.org.uk

Business Gateway (Scotland):
Business Gateway provides practical help, advice and support for new and growing businesses in Scotland.
Website: www.bgateway.com
Telephone: 0845 609 6611

Business Link:
Business Link is a free business advice and support service, available online and through local advisers.
Website: www.businesslink.gov.uk
Telephone: 0845 600 9 006
Minicom: 0845 606 2666

EEF is a membership organisation which provides business services to help members manage people, processes, environment and more, so that members can meet their regulatory commitments.
Website: www.eef.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7222 7777
Fax: 020 7222 2782

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB):
The FSB works to protect, promote, and further the interests of the self-employed and small business sector. It provides a range of member services.
Website: www.fsb.org.uk
Telephone: 01253 336 000
Fax: 01253 348 046

Charities and voluntary organisations

Charity Commission for England and Wales:
The Charity Commission registers and regulates charities in England and Wales. It offers them advice and provides a wide range of services and guidance to help them run as effectively as possible.
Website: www.charity-commission.gov.uk
Telephone: 0845 300 0218
Textphone: 0845 300 0219

Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO):
CEMVO is the umbrella organisation for black and minority ethnic, faith, women, age and disability-related organisations. They offer a wide range of training, employment, communication and consultancy services to businesses and organisations nationwide.
Website: www.cemvo.org.uk
Telephone: 020 8432 0200
Email: enquiries@cemvo.org.uk

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
The NCVO provides information, advice and support to others working in or with the voluntary sector in England.
Website: www.ncvo-vol.org.uk
Freephone: 0800 2 798 798
Minicom: 0800 01 88 111
Email: ncvo@ncvo-vol.org.uk

Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR):
The OSCR is the independent regulator and registrar for Scottish charities. It is a Non-Ministerial Department and forms part of the Scottish Administration.
Website: www.oscr.org.uk
Telephone: 01382 220446
Fax: 01382 220314
Email: info@oscr.org.uk.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO):
The SCVO is the national body representing the voluntary sector in Scotland and provides information, advice and support to members.
Website: www.scvo.org.uk
Telephone: 0800 169 0022
Email: enquiries@scvo.org.uk

Voice 4 Change England:
Voice4Change England is a national policy body dedicated to strengthening the ethnic minorityThird Sector. It provides a co-ordinated policy voice for ethnic minority groups and organisations and supports them to thrive.
Website: www.voice4change-england.co.uk
Telephone: 020 7843 6130

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA):
The WCVA is the national body representing the voluntary sector in Wales and provides information, advice and support to members.
Website: www.wcva.org.uk
Telephone: 0800 2888 329
SMS: 07797 805628
Email: help@wcva.org.uk

Advice on specific issues

Age UK
Age UK aims to improve later life for everyone by providing information and advice, campaigns, products, training and research.
Website: www.ageuk.org.uk
Telephone: 0800 169 6565
Email: contact@ageuk.org.uk

Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE):
CAE is a registered charity providing information and training on the accessibility of the built environment for disabled people.
Website: www.cae.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7840 0125
Textphone: 020 7840 0125
Fax: 020 7840 5811
Email: info@cae.org.uk

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES):
GIRES provides a wide range of information and training for Trans people, their families and professionals who care for them.
Website: www.gires.org.uk
Telephone: 01372 801 554
Fax: 01372 272 297
Email: info@gires.org.uk

The Gender Trust:
The Gender Trust is the UK’s largest charity working to support transsexual, gender dysphoric and transgender people or those who are affected by gender identity issues. It has a helpline and provides training and information for employers and organisations.
Website: www.gendertrust.org.uk
Telephone: 0845 231 0505

Press for Change (PfC):
PfC is a political lobbying and educational organisation. It campaigns to achieve equality and human rights for all Trans people in the UK through legislation and social change. It provides legal advice, training and consultancy for employers and organisations as well as undertaking commissioned research.
Website: www.transequality.co.uk / www.pfc.org.uk
Telephone: 0161 432 1915 (10:00–17:00, Thursdays only until further notice)
Email: transequality@pfc.org.uk

Stonewall is the UK’s leading lesbian, gay and bisexual charity and carries out campaigning, lobbying and research work as well as providing a free information service for individuals, organisations and employers.
Website: www.stonewall.org.uk
Telephone: 08000 50 20 20
Email: info@stonewall.org.uk

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Last Updated: 09 Apr 2015