Guidance for workers pre-October 2010

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly at work and to be free of discrimination on grounds of age, race, gender, transgender status, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief. The law protects you from unequal treatment in employment on any of these grounds regardless of whether you are a full- or part-time employee, in a temporary job, or if you are a freelance or agency worker.If you think you have been treated less favourably than others at work you may be able to take a discrimination case against the employer at an employment tribunal.

Your rights to equality at work before 1 October 2010

Your rights in relation to particular forms of discrimination at work

Other employment rights

It is outside the remit of the Equality and Human Rights Commission to provide information on employment rights where there is no connection with age, disability, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, gender, transgender status or human rights.

You may have additional rights related to pay, holidays, dismissal, union membership and health and safety arrangements, for example, depending on your employment status, length of service, contractual arrangements and other factors.

You can get advice on these rights from employment lawyers, legal advice centres, trade unions, the citizens’ advice bureau, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, and Directgov.

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2009