Guidance for service users pre-October 2010

This section looks at the kinds of settings where some people are unlawfully discriminated against, like housing, health and social care, shops, public transport and dealing with the police. It explains the specific rights you have in these situations.

New: Joint Care Quality Commission guidance for consultation 

We have published draft guidance for inspectors and assessors of health and social care providers on equality and human rights for public consultation. Find out more about the guidance and how you can take part in the consultation.

Health and social care

This section looks at how to make sure you are treated fairly and with dignity in health and social care services.

Housing and property

Here you can find out about your rights in relation to housing and property, and relevant situations when discrimination may occur. The term ‘housing and property’ includes residential accommodation such as flats, houses, bungalows and mobile homes, and commercial premises.

Justice and the legal system

The police and courts are subject to the same anti-discrimination legislation as other public bodies, and should not discriminate unfairly in performing their duties or providing their services.

Shops and services

This section addresses rights in a wide range of services, including financial services, shops, entertainments, online and phone services. It looks at the reasonable adjustments service providers are expected to make to their premises and business practices, and describes circumstances where it might be lawful for a service provider to limit their provision to a particular group of people.


This section will help you understand your rights when using public transport networks throughout England, Wales and Scotland. It looks at what levels of access you can expect from public transport providers – both vehicle access and the availability of timetable information. It also outlines the laws governing access to transport and what you can do if you feel a particular service is excluding you or treating you less well than other members of the public.

Air travel

This section explains how, under new European law, if you are disabled or have difficulty moving around you can receive assistance when you fly to and from Europe.

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2009