Guidance for employers pre-October 10

This section describes the main areas in which discrimination in employment can arise, who it applies to, and what employers can do to prevent it. Whether you employ full-time, part-time or temporary staff, you should be aware of the rights they have to fair treatment at work.


Working hours, flexible working and time off

Pay and benefits


Equality policies, equality training and monitoring

Toolkits and resources

The law

Conference reports

Public sector duties

  • All public bodies (like councils and hospitals) are legally obliged to pay 'due regard' to the need to take action on race, disability and gender equality. Read more about the Public sector duties.

Further information

Other employment rights

Your employees (and any workers who work for you, but don't have a contract of employment, such as contractors) have other employment rights than those relating to equality and human rights. These other rights may arise from national or European law, and include rights to contracts, pay, holidays and dismissal.

This website does not contain details of these other employment rights. For further information you should consult a solicitor or approach one of the following organisations:

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2009