Meeting changing needs

Working Better: Meeting the changing needs of families, workers and employers in the 21st century

After a period consultation with employees, employers and leading experts in the field we compiled a report outlining proposals for a new approach to working that will help tackle the gender pay-gap, bring greater support to families, and show modern ways of working are better for the economy. It takes a detailed look at what modern parents say would make a difference to them and offers some possible solutions and initiatives to help make that a reality.

The report answers some questions that are vital to understand if real change is to be made to Britain’s workforce and economy. In particular we looked at:
  • What affects the choices that parents make in balancing paid work and caring responsibilities?
  • What would enable fathers to play a bigger role in parenting?
  • How do we fundamentally change our approach to work to benefit everyone?

Case studies

To support the report we compiled a group of case studies featuring small and big employers as well as employees with different working needs. Watch the case study videos and see how they are already working better.

Media coverage

The links below will take you to coverage of the Working Better launch in the media.

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2014