ITT training

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) resources

Lecture plans

Lecture plans are provided to support Professional Studies and Citizenship Studies:

  • Professional Studies lecture - this helps teachers of all subjects to understand what the Equality Act 2010 and human rights laws mean to them as education providers.
  • Citizenship Studies equality lecture - this develops trainees' knowledge of what equality means, how our society has become more equal but also the inequality that still exists, the Equality Act 2010 and how it works in practice.
  • Citizenship Studies human rights lecture - this develops trainees' knowledge of what human rights are, where they have come from, the different types of legal instruments and how human rights works in practice.

Each lecture plan is a PowerPoint presentation that is complete with all the information a lecturer may need but in a format that can be edited to suit their own requirements.

Seminar plans

Two seminar plans are provided to extend learning from the Citizenship Studies lectures. Both seminar plans take the style of a lesson, with trainees experiencing some of the activities from Equal Rights, Equal Respect lesson plans as a way of developing their knowledge and testing out different teaching techniques that are suited to delivering these types of topics.

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2011