Priority 3: Legal Funding

Priority 3: Legal advice on equality and human rights issues

Assessment of applications is now complete and the organisations who are offered funding have been announced.  Please see the press release.

The funding programme is primarily aimed at projects providing specialist legal advice and representation in equality and human rights. The Commission is also particularly keen to fund activity where there is currently no provision or access to advice, as well as to projects which promote awareness and understanding of equality and human rights laws.

The legal funding initiative forms part of the £10.2 million Strategic Funding Programme announced earlier this year by the commission, which aims to provide three-year project-based funding of up to £450,000 for community and voluntary sector organisations.

Scope of funding

The fund will cover two main areas:

  • The provision of legal advice, casework and representation to individuals about matters falling within the Equality and Human Rights enactments.
  • Raising awareness and knowledge of equality and human rights.

The maximum available funding for a single organisation is £150,000 per year and projects providing advice, casework and representation may be funded for up to three years.

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2014