Commission says too many black and ethnic minority people are disproportionately stopped and searched

In response to press reports yesterday (Wednesday) that Stuart Lawrence, brother of murdered teenager Stephen, had launched a race complaint against the Metropolitan Police after he was stopped 25 times in his car.

Mark Hammond, CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said:

“Stuart Lawrence’s account of his treatment sadly reflects the experience of too many black and ethnic minority people who are subject to disproportionate numbers of stops and searches by the police. The most recent figures show that across England and Wales, black people are still at least six times as likely to be stopped and searched compared to white people.

"The Commission has worked with various police forces, including the Met, to address this issue, and we have  seen some success in bringing down disproportionality in some areas with no adverse impact on crime prevention nor detection. There is no reason why all  police forces cannot adopt the same best practice.

“We hope to work with the Mayor’s team and the new police and crime commissioners to achieve this progress across the board.”

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