Commission comment on the retrial of Lawrence suspects

19 May 2011

In response to the retrial of two men suspected of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, Trevor Phillips, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission said:

'A resolution from this hearing may help bring some peace to the Lawrence family and remove a stain on Britain's record on tackling racism. The death of Stephen Lawrence, the trial of those suspected of his murder and the inquiry into the police handling of the case mark significant points in the history of race relations in Britain. Not only did these events change the law1 to better protect people from racism, it also marked a huge shift for the better in people's attitudes.'


Notes to editors

  1. Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, which is now integrated into the Equality Act 2010.

NB: As the Equality and Human Rights Commission does not have any jurisdiction over matters involving criminal law, it cannot comment on the specifics of the retrial.