EHRC statement on human rights and satellite TV

In response to comments made by Housing and Planning Minister Grant Shapps about human rights in social housing, a spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission said:

“There is no human right to satellite TV. The human right in this example is the right to practise your religion. It is only an illustration of how the law might apply in exceptional circumstances, nor should it be taken out of context.  Only the courts can decide if someone’s human rights have in fact been breached.”

Notes to editors:

The example refers to "standard terms of tenancy" not to planning law.

The Human Rights in Social Housing guidance was produced with expert input from an Advisory Group consisting of social housing providers, representative organisations of social housing providers, central government - - including the Communities and Local Government department and other regulators. It has been well received by the sector.

More details about the guidance can be found at Human rights at home; guidance for social housing providers.


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