Official Notice

Inquiry into Race in the Construction Industry: official notice 

Commission for Equality and Human Rights (known as the Equality and Human Rights Commission) Notice of an inquiry under Section 16 of the Equality Act 2006

Take notice that the Equality and Human Rights Commission will be conducting an inquiry into race discrimination in the construction industry in Great Britain, within the terms of reference stated below.

In accordance with Schedule 2 paragraph 2 of the Equality Act 2006, notice is hereby given that in fulfilment of the Commission's duties under sections 8 and 10 of the Equality Act 2006 and using powers granted to the Commission under section 16 of the said Act, the Commission intends to carry out an Inquiry into Race Discrimination in the Construction Industry in Great Britain.

The terms of reference of the Inquiry are:

  1. To inquire into barriers to the entry of and retention of Black and Minority Ethnic workers (which includes employees and self-employed contractors) in the Construction Industry
  2. To identify examples of good practice in encouraging ethnic diversity in the Construction Industry and the benefits derived from such good practice by the firms and workers involved.
  3. To assess and analyse the differential impact of job losses in the Construction industry
  4. To make such recommendations as are appropriate


For the avoidance of doubt "Workers in the Construction Industry" includes administrative staff and professionals working in and with the construction industry as well as craft and trade workers.

These terms of reference may be amended to take into account any representations made.Any person or organisation wishing to make representations as to the terms of reference or the substance of the Inquiry should notify the Commission by email to  
or by telephone to Melanie Staton on 0161 829  8413This Inquiry is conducted pursuant to the Equality Act Schedule 2, the effect of which is:

  • To enable the Commission to serve a notice on any person or organisation requiring the production of information, documents or evidence in their possession (Sched 2 paras 9 and 10);
  • To require the Commission to report on the Inquiry’s findings (Sched 2 para 15); and
  • To enable the Commission to address recommendations to any party (Sched 2 para 16).

T. Phillips
Equality and Human Rights Commission
30 January 2009

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2009