Evidence gathering methods


We commissioned Equality Research & Consulting Ltd to provide

  • a literature review of existing research into the underrepresentation of non-white ethnic monitories in the Industry, and the barriers to their recruitment and retention. You can download a copy of the thematic review here (PDF).
  • a secondary analysis of statistical information relating to underrepresentation . The statistical report will be made available on this website in due course.

A national opinion poll

We commissioned ICM Research to conduct a survey of perceptions about the Industry. Telephone interviews were carried out with 1,002 people aged 16- 64 years from non-white ethnic minority groups, along with a control sample of 652 white people across the same age group. Download a copy of the research here (PDF).

A call for evidence and evidence gathering interviews

From 20 February to 24 March 2009 we sought the views and experiences of organisations and members of the public involved in the Industry. View the call for evidence page here. We also interviewed over 60 witnesses from across the Industry - representing construction companies and key industry organisations, and individuals telling of their own experiences.

Interim Report

Following Phase 1 of the Inquiry's evidence gathering, we produced an Interim Report.

A copy of the interim report can be found here (PDF)

Last Updated: 30 Jul 2009