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On 10 November 2010 the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched a Formal Inquiry using its powers under Section 16 of the Equality Act 2006. The Inquiry looked at the effectiveness of the English care and support system in protecting and promoting the human rights of older people (aged 65 and over) requiring or receiving home based care and support. We had a range of evidence submitted from various carers, organisations older people and their families.

The Commission worked with an external Advisory Group which comprised expert representatives from across the sector. Four Advisory Group members are featured below. They tell us why the Inquiry was needed and why you should get involved.

Please note that the links will open in YouTube to play the videos. Transcripts and subtitled versions will follow shortly.

Interview with Martin Green, Chief Executive of the English Community Care Association

Interview with Allison Roche, Assistant National Officer, Unison

Interview with Bridget Warr, Chief Executive, UK Homecare Association

Interview with Nick Johnson, Head of The Social Care Association

Last Updated: 12 May 2014