Response to consultation: Inspection 2012

Response to Ofsted consultation: Inspection 2012. Proposals for inspection arrangements for maintained schools and academies from January 2012

Consultation issue date: 21 March 2011
Response date: 27 May 2011

Summary of key points from the response:

  • Equality is central to all areas of inspection and equality outcomes must be inspected across the framework under all four 'pillars' of inspection in order to improve educational outcomes for all groups of pupils- the need to do so is clearly evidence through our Triennial Review and our recent education research into bullying and careers education and guidance.
  • There must be no regression on equality in the new framework.
  • The 'limiting judgement' on equality must remain so that judgements about the overall effectiveness of a school take into account a school’s performance on equality, ensuring no regression.
  • Judgements should include equality outcomes for the full range of pupils with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. Pupils with disabilities and SEN are the only groups explicitly mentioned in judgement criteria.
  • Issues including prejudice based bullying, disproportionate levels of exclusions and differential attainment for groups of pupils need adequate focus through inspection judgements.
  • An additional area of inspection is needed on post school destinations, aspirations and choices to ensure schools are judged using a holistic measure on how well they enable a pupil to succeed.
  • The Ofsted inspection framework and the PSED should build on their intrinsic compatibility, and be linked as far as possible, not because Ofsted should be inspecting for compliance with the duty, but because it provides a framework for schools to improve their performance and will encourage transparency and accountability which should assist in assessing the effectiveness of the school, leading to better regulation. 
  • The framework should be adequately assessed for equality to ensure Ofsted can demonstrate due regard under the PSED.
  • A human rights focus should be built into the new framework.

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Last Updated: 04 Aug 2011